Lived Places Publishing (LPP) will be exhibiting at this year’s UKSG Conference in Glasgow, Scotland, April 13-15. Come to our booth and meet our Founder and Publisher, David Parker.
This week, we just published our 10th title at Lived Places Publishing – and the very first book in our Queer and LGBT+ Studies Collection.
Lived Places Publishing is proud to announce the release of the first three books in their Disability Studies Collection, aimed at promoting a deeper…
AAS Attendees: Please join us for this pre-session celebration hosted by LPP Collection Editor and Author Dr Dong Wang and LPP Founder David Parker at…
Teaching and Publishing in Asia and Asian Studies | AAS 3/18/23
An Anthropologist's Lived Experience
Come Meet David Parker at the Electronic Resources and Libraries (ER&L) Conference, Austin, TX
Lived Places Publishing author Gregory L. Freeland discussed his forthcoming book, Music and Black Community in Segregated North Carolina. This show…
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